It's time to Admit....Austin, Texas is Expensive $$$

Folks, It's time to finally admit that residential living and real estate in the city of Austin, Texas is straight up expensive! As a local, and 15 year plus working residential Central Austin, Core Real Estate Agent I have noticed the affordability of Austin simply vanquish. It's over. Austin Texas has been discovered, many times over. Austin's been combed over by investors. Austin's been publicized, and written about, and on the nation's radar. Austin Texas is simply an EXPENSIVE place to Live. 

There are few Austin City Limit options as a Realtor I can provide for budget savvy buyers and renters. People either have the jobs or money to live, buy and do Austin, Texas or they don't. Maybe it's time for me to move away. Where? Somewhere cheaper? Dallas, Arizona, Florida. The only geographic areas of the U.S.A. more expensive than Austin, Texas are L.A, San Francisco, and California in general. NYC and Seattle are probably still very  expensive as well.

My fellow Americans, I wish I had better news. Austin, Texas is now a top-tier Mid American to Mainstream city, in the United States of America. Our winters are sunny, crisp and mild. It's 75 degrees and sunny right now in early January. Our economy is booming. Our Real Estate, TECH and Tourism industries are booming. Even our Foodie Industry is thriving. 

So George Vance, Mr Hot Shot Realtor, Former NYC Fashion Model and 3 time Book Author, is there ANYWHERE I can go to find some cheaper real estate? 

Well, as of today 1.6.2020. Perhaps look into these areas:

--Super North Austin, Basically North of Hwy 183, either near the Domain, Wells Branch or Metric Blvd, Parmer Lane.
--Super South Austin, Think Slaughter Lane and Manchaca, Texas. 
--South East Austin, think East William Cannon, SE Stasney, Riverside. 

That's it. Those  above  aforementioned geographic areas, are some of the few remaining, improving, "BUY LOW" "SELL HIGH" Areas. Why? Everywhere else is "BUY HIGH", then SELL HIGHER?"

The overpowering, and straining rise of Travis County Property Taxes has unilaterally hurt everyone. It hurts property owners. It hurts renters who are often asked  to carry the "pass-the-buck" burden. Property Taxes in Travis County have simply just become cumbersome, and unbearable. 

So there we go my friends. I wish this news and blog post was more upbeat and less bleak, yet as a working residential realtor and full time ATX  local and resident, I am simply trying my best to report the truth, through my eyes, as I see it today. We'll see how tomorrow looks? I'll let you know if something changes. 

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