What is an Austin, Texas Unicorn?

Question? What is an Austin Unicorn? 

Answer: Culturally and sociologically  speaking an Austin Unicorn, is a current Austin human resident who lives daily life in Austin, Texas and was originally born in Austin, Texas.

As the City of Austin continues to grow in popularity, development, area and people, the original Austin-ites and Unicorns are becoming a rare breed. I, George Vance McGee am an Austin Unicorn. I was born at the Seton Hospital on West 38th street by my mother Andrea R. McGee and Dad, George Sears McGee in the calendar year of 1981. In 2020 I currently still reside and work in Central Austin, Texas. So, yes I am and help represent Austin Unicorns. 

The vast number of new transplants and fresh faced Austin newcomers is vast. The new transplants come from all places throughout the country and world. No it's not just California. As a realtor and resident, new Austinites arrive and range from Italy, to Fort Collins, Colorado, Dallas, Texas to San Francisco and beyond. Decades ago in the 1990's and early 2000s', everywhere you went and ran errands in Austin, Texas, you'd say hello, or chat with somebody you already knew. This can still happen for me personally in West Austin, but as I venture outside of West Austin to Downtown, East, South, North, the sub-rubs, the Hike and Bike Trail and more, the new fresh faces are constant. The Transplants are like an unknown Army arriving in my former quaint city. Now, Austin is a Metropolis and Top 10 most populated urban mecca in the U.S.A.

How do you, the readers, feel about the Austin, Texas population and development boom? Massive never-ending growth? Are you a Fan? 

I recently talked  to Criminal Defense and Legal Lawyer long time friend, UT Alum and current dad. When I asked him how he felt about the city's population boom, he stated, "George, I love it. Chaos and more people are good for my business." As a legal criminal defense lawyer the more chaos, freedom and citizens in Austin, Texas, the more opportunity for citizens to get into legal trouble, accrue tickets, receive jail time, and need my lawyer friend's legal defense services.  

I'm guessing Austin's NIMBY (Not in My Back Yard) contingency are not fans of Austin's rapid and constant population grown, increased development and changes. The revised City of Austin Development Code has failed multiple times. 

Not to preach, but as the naturalist Charles Darwin said, we must learn to adapt and evolve with each new passing day, or risk being left behind. 

To wrap it up, yes I am a proud Austin Unicorn and if you ever meet one, be kind to them and ask them questions about  Austin's yesteryear. They'll probably have some interesting stories and history to tell you. 

As always, if you have any Austin, Central Texas Real Estate Questions, or Inquiries? If you are contemplating buying, selling, leasing, or building contact Austin Silent Market's Unicorn Local and Licensed Real Estate Agent, George Vance McGee @ 512.657.9281 iphone, georgevance@gmail.com