A Bicycle Ride through Mueller after a Home Showing...

Friends, If y'all weren't aware, I, George Vance McGee personally and recently physically moved my place of Residence to Central EAST Austin near Manor Road, French Place, Cherrywood, Blackland and the Chestnut neighborhoods. So far so good.

Today on 4.20.2020. Yep that is the actual day, I had a 6:15 pm Buyer's Agent showing appointment for  a home with a pool, in a neighborhood I'm marketing and identifying as "Mueller North." Mueller North is located North  of East 51st street and East & West of Berkman Drive. In the past 5 years Mueller North  has been gentrifying steadily. Lots of Home Remodels, Updating, and "Fix and Flip" properties. The ballpark price range of this Mueller North neighborhood is between $250,000-$500,000. It is NOT yet known as an above $500,000 dollar geographic area. Also, despite it's improved "Crestview / Allandale"-esque feel, ambiance and overall VIBE, the demolish and Build NEW hysteria has skipped Mueller North. My buyers and I think, it's because the AISD school tract for the neighborhood is on the poor to below average academic scale and level. Also the lingering stigma of Austin, East of Interstate 35, must still persist somehow.

Post Showing, I bicycled back home, and through the actual Mueller Neighborhood. If you haven't been, the Mueller neighborhood is very unique. It is like it's own small town, within the city of Austin, Texas. A bubble within a bubble. Have you ever seen the   1998 released Jim Carey flick and pre-reality era Movie, "the Truman Show"? Click here to view the Truman Show Movie Trailer. It feels like that. A fabricated, diverse, welcoming, liberal, little community. There is also a nature friendly, gravel, and enjoyable outdoor trail to run, fish, bicycle, read, or picnic on. It's welcoming, free and pretty cool! If you are looking for a place to exercise, that is NOT the Lady Bird Hike and  Bike Trail on Town Lake, then scope out the Mueller trail one morning, afternoon, or weekend. 

So here are some photos I personally took today on 4.20.2020

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