"The Ask Questions Later," Buyer's Agent & Client Strategy

I get it, I understand, there are plenty of unknowns, and a mound of valid QUESTIONS buyer's and buyer's agents themselves have when touring and showing properties for sale.

  • Is there a SURVEY?
  • Why did the last buyer back out?
  • Is this property in a Floodplain?
  • What does the HOA cover?
  • Why are the owners selling this property?
  • Why is the price so High? So Low?
  • Is this a FLIP property?
  • Is this property Historic? 
  • Can we get a Demolition permit Approved?
  • What does SOLD CMA value convey?

The amount of property questions buyers can have  when shopping for real estate to buy, can rightfully be endless. In no way shape or form, am I insinuating Buyer questions are NOT important, they ARE......

But when is the correct time to ask questions and attempt to get answers? They say "timing is everything."

Answer = In my experience as a BUYER's agent, it is better to pull up your  sleeves, get to more work, inspect, and find out during the OPTION PERIOD. Yes, during the OPTION PERIOD, when you the buyer, and YOU ONLY are in direct contact with the seller and seller's agent.

Why do you recommend the "ASK QUESTIONS LATER" method to buying, GVM?

So, Put your Seller's CAP on right now. What does a SELLER WANT? They want their price, and they want to sell as-is. They want the least resistance and fewest objections as possible. They also pre-contract, would like to endure an EASY and SMOOTH transaction. Perhaps a seller's ideal buyer, is the buyer of least resistance. What type of buyer is going to be the easiest and quickest to CLOSE with?

Thus, my advice today, in touting the, "ASK QUESTIONS LATER METHOD" as a buyer's agent is to not drop the  deluge of legit buyer's questions, until the BUYER's OPTION PERIOD has commenced. Remember, in Texas, Buyer's  have a plethora  of OUTS, in the TAR  1-4 Residential Contract. Seller's do NOT! Once a sellers' signed and goes under contract, officially, they have very few to almost zero outs or escape clauses.

So, if you are in a competitive, and  yes HOT market like Austin, Texas, consider the "ASK QUESTIONS LATER METHOD" and embrace the OPTION PERIOD, if you are a buyer. I, GVM myself have been under contract to purchase 2 properties before. First a Condo on South Congress, and 2nd a Larger Home in South Austin. I purchased neither. What did I learn? I learned the OPTION PERIOD, was the ideal contract time period to inspect, ask questions, visit with property experts, contractors, foundation folks, significant others, family and more. 

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