GVM Buyers' Agent on the search! Know of a possible Seller that fits?

Do you know of any potential ATX property sellers who match these GVM Buyer's Agent wants? 

#1. $650,000-$1,350,000 Primary Couple with an infant, seeks Central Austin 2250 sq.ft + home to live, dwell & simply call Home. .15 Acre Plus LOT size. The Larger the LOT the better. East, West or South preferred location.

#2. $TBD Builder / Buyer seeks 2 "78704" Zip Codes LOTS to Build on. 1 "Allandale" LOT for a Custom Home New Build.

#3. $425,000-$600,000 Primary Couple seeks Home or Townhome, Move In Ready, the Sleeker the Better.

#4. $400,000-$550,000 Central  Austin LOT,  able to build 2 Brand NEW A&B Units. Experienced Proven Builder, Developer, Buyer.

#5. Any Price, Any Size. "George I needs LOTS to Buy! Find me some LOTS to Buy." ----Buyer / Broker / Builder & Developer. Yes, this guy wears more hats, than I do. 

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