Barracuda, Austin Live Rock Venues still exist.

A lot has been made and read about Austin's self proclaimed, "Live Music Capitol of the World Status." Is this moniker really true? Maybe.

Last night I personally went and attended a $29 dollar ticket to see one of my favorite Rock Bands of All-time, "The Get Up Kids" backstage at the  Barracuda. The Barracuda is a genuine, dark, boozy, 2 stage rock venue in the  Red River District of Austin Texas, downtown on 7th street. 

The atmosphere is rock club authentic. $5 dollar tall boy beer, loud stage pumping music, friendly conversational rock club goers, and a navigable atmosphere. 

"The Get Up Kids"  a rock, indie, emo  5 piece band from Kansas City were excellent. I got too excited and amped, but overall I had an excellent time. They played wonderfully, encore and all. 

I even got to snap a quick photo with the lead singer of MINERAL, another excellent Rock Band.

So, don't forget if you are going to pay the high rental, property tax and residential living costs to call Austin, Texas Home, remember to leave your place and go let loose and rumble within Austin, Texas every so often.

Best Life Regards.

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