J.D Cobb Local Austin family man, work and Mortgage Consultant. Need Financing? Re-Fi, Heloc, etc?


Once again thank you all for attending yesterday, I enjoyed meeting you all!  I do like the smaller groups as we have more time to connect around the kitchen island!  Couple things to announce and/or to keep in mind:


·       Mortgage Credit Certificate Program - 2 parameters for a first time homebuyer to ask (582K or less sales price and 116K to 134K annual income or less) and I can save them hundreds of dollars per month. They’re out there waiting for someone to push them off the fence!  Just ask the question…”how would you like to pay 2% less per month than the national average interest rate?”

·       Co-marketing pieces – if you’d like to have co-branded flyers with important programs or products (like the one attached) please accept my invite.  No cost or effort on your part, just accept and I’ll hook you up!

·       Momentum Event next Friday in Dallas – I am sponsoring a realtor summit that I’d like for you to attend as my guest (will cover the cost of the ticket) if you can make it.  A seriously strong lineup of world-class speakers on strategies, insights and tools for your real estate business.  I have 3 tickets left if anyone wants to attend.  Check it out:  www.momentumdallas23.eventbrite.com

·       Realtor Video – check it out:  https://youtu.be/CaycRrUuFxA if you know of any other colleagues that need a proven lender with 20+ years of experience, that’s built for comfort and for speed, please introduce me. 


And once again, the BEST and the BIGGEST thank you I can receive for hosting is an introduction to your next buyer!  Any referral received I’ll treat you to an IV drip on me.  This is for a referral only, not a closed deal as that would be ILLEGAL!!  Kick forwards are accepted, it’s those KICKBACKS that get you in trouble!  😊


Looking forward to working with you all soon!  Cheers!




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