Friends of Dirty Martin's Kum-Back on the Drag, near the University of Texas, Update (Plus a quick 17 minute You-Tube Documentary)


Friends of Dirty Martin’s,

We have some news to share with you! Some bad, some good.

Yesterday, Austin Transit Partnership released it’s new plan for rail in Austin. Despite being less than one-third the size (9 miles versus the original 36 miles) of the 2020 proposal voters approved, it will still cost as much. And the new plan still has Dirty Martin’s in its path.

On the legislative front, our bill to Save Dirty’s passed out of the Senate on Monday. The bill goes back to the House for a vote to approve the Senate changes to the bill. If you would like to send an email or call legislators, please respond to this email and we can tell you how you can help.

In the meantime, please watch this new documentary Keep Austin Dirty - A Dirty Martin’s Documentary produced by UT student, Harrison Chiu.

Thank you for your continued support!