PASEO, a New Hi-Rise coming to Downtown ATX's Rainey District

 Per David Kanne Linked In POST and annoucement

"Huge shout out to our entire team and all our partners who helped us close on Paseo. Once complete, Paseo will rise 48 stories in the heart of Rainey Street and consist of 557 units and over 7 unique F&B experiences throughout the development. One of the unique design elements of this project was the way our team incorporated the utilization of both existing bungalows into our pedestrian experience. #multifamilyrealestate #austin #raineydistrict"

Dirt is moving at Paseo, our new development on Rainey Street! And the bungalows are on the move too. In an effort to preserve the spirit and pedestrian experience of Rainey Street as much as possible, we are relocating the bungalows on site, which will become restaurant and bar experiences. #raineystreet #austinrealestate #multifamily