Per Austin 36o; West Campus Cain N Abels, Plan for New Build Tower filed, but owner says, "Bar is NOT closing soon"

 Per Austin 36o; West Campus Cain N Abels, Plan File for New Tower filed, but owners says Bar is NOT closing soon. 7.28.2022 

I, GVM have fond stories, times and memories from Cain N Abels in West Campus. My UT days were 2000-2004 and, once you really, really turned 21, usually circa Junior Year, you could actually hang, lounge and drink there. 

On Tuesday was, and still is? the Famous Bucket of Beers for #1 dollar night. With inflation in 2022, maybe that special is or is not going on, I don't know? It's been awhile for me.


I personally would find it quite SAD, and disheartening the 1 and only genuine West Campus BAR / PUB @ the Univ. of Texas could be demolished and removed for another residential campus hi-rise. Ughh...Your thoughts?