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Per Texas Realtors, 5 Tips to Convert Leads to Clients


It can take time to gain trust and build a relationship with a new lead—and if not properly nurtured, it can turn into a lost opportunity. Here are five tips for staying in touch to turn that lead into a client.

Find Out Their Preference

Not everyone checks their email. Would text, video chat, or a phone call be better? Or what about through social media? Ask for their preferred mode of communication, so you have the best chance of connecting.

Block Out Time

Whether it is a thank you for attending an open house or relaying data about a property, don’t let a gap in your response time cause a customer to go elsewhere. Instead, treat your follow-ups like an appointment. Utilize a scheduling application to keep you on track.

Be More Customer-Centric

You, of course, want to grow your business. But no one wants to be treated like they are being sold to or seen as just a transaction. Focus on developing a stronger relationship. For example, ask more questions instead of reaching out with sales pitches.

Provide Value and Solutions

Being a REALTOR® means you have a wealth of resources. Help your leads move closer to their goals by sharing market stats and trends from MarketViewer and custom reports created by REALTORS® Property Resource.

Be Diligent

You answered a question but haven’t heard back. While you don’t want to come off as a pest, a quick check-in helps you stay top of mind. Reach out to see if additional information is needed.