the "78704" Property Tour for 11.2.2022. I got free breakfast @ Maudie's South Lamar...hey, hey...


8-10 really excellent, newer, pristine and expensive LISTINGS on the "78704" Tour today. There were no "lemon" properties for sale on the Broker/Agent TOUR today.  The Tour breakfast meet-up commenced around 8:45 am and the final property and TOUR ended around 12 noon. So it's an entire morning commitment. 

About 12-14 thoughtful, caring, and honest agents, and mortgage brokers. All providing info written sheets of feedback. Plenty of Assistant Listing Agents as well. I guess some of the actual listing agents were too "big time" to show up and be there in person. 

On the positive side, the "78704" Property Tour now meets @ Maudie's Cantina on South Lamar. The "78704" zip code has gone from weird and quirky and cool, to expensive, modern and luxurious in 2022. Our breakfast and coffee was paid for, good stuff! Thanks J. Martinez @ CMG Financial Lending! 

There is a carpooling option for agents, brokers and participants OR you can just drive yourself. I just drove solo and met the GROUP at each home stop. Excellent TOUR for fellow realtor listing feedback, advice and selling suggestions.  

I would 100 percent continue to attend, participate and advocate for this "78704" Property Tour in Central South Austin, Texas

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