Lucy in Disguise is Closing, the eclectic fantastic Costume Shop on South Congress Ave. (a chunk of ATX's soul will die with it.)


"Lucy In Disguise had its grand opening on April 1, 1984. It was my first night in Austin and I popped in on the way to see the Butthole Surfers at the Continental Club. Both completely unplanned. I was excited by the opening because I was a "picker" at the time, hitting garage sales and selling my finds to antique/ costume stores.
There was a dark-haired woman who always got there before me on Saturday mornings, always knew where to target, and you best not get in her way. “Shit, the Dragon Lady’s here!” I'd tell Suzee, and that meant don't put down anything to try on something. The DL would snatch it up. "Hey, those were mine!" Suzee complained when a box of pumps disappeared, and I had to set her straight on the rules of the game. All is fair in stilleto heels and cashmere.
Later, I got to know the Dragon Lady as Jenna Radtke, and when I told her about the nickname, she smiled at the compliment. "Never care what you look like when you're making money" was what the other rummage sale legend in my life, David Ornstein of Daybreak, told me once when he was accused of being too aggressive.
The closing of Jenna's great shop is bad news for shoppers, but good news for garage salers. You may finally get a beaded sweater or gabardine jacket."

Memory provided by former Austin American Statesmen Reporter / Music Writer Michael Corcoran. Click here to friend/follow Michael Corcoran on Facebook. It you enjoy Austin, TX, you ought to.

Click here for the 8.2.2022 Austin American Statesmen Online Article. "Lucy in Disguise announces pending closure after 38 years in business."