a Hard Working Father of 3, fleeing Ukraine Violence needs your Help; per Austin Silent Market Client and friend, Jay Menna

 A family of one of my guys in the Ukraine, needs help.  

He is a hard working father of 3 small children.  He has lost everything in the war.  He has had to flee.  He has left his parents,  and in-laws.  Some of whom have since been killed.

He has a visa to start a new life in Canada , but can't afford the flights and the cost of getting life restarted.

We continue to support him.  Raised his salary to help out.  Know that he can't "Come in to work" on time

Today, at the end of a zoom meeting one of our business partners asked  "Can we help?".  I said no.  Kind of the polite no you give folks as to not be a pest.

I went to lunch after and thought about it. 

The hell with "no".

This family needs help.  

In 35 years in business I have never reached out by email for a charity for anything even the sale of a girl scout cookie.

So I'm asking.   


I have set up a go fund me campaign.  Click to Donate :  https://gofund.me/76453230

PS Call me if you want to know more.


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