a Celebrity Multiple Choice QUIZ. Can you guess the Celebrity with ATX Real Estate Broker GVM?

 We're now up to 27 Multiple Choice Answer Celebrity Questions. This is Fun! Scroll down to the Very Bottom of this post for the correct selections.

1. This local Austin, TX famous and still playing Americana Musician is known for his upbeat honky-tonk music and perfectly quaffed haircut.

A. Guy Forsyth
B. Dale Watson
C. Bob McMurtry
D. Bruce Robison 

2. This Legendary Musician is known for songs such as "the Sound of Silence," You can Call me Al," "Graceland", "Mrs. Robinson" and many many more. He currently lives in Wimberly Texas with his wife Edie Brickell. He's got the velvety, smooth, endearing Voice!

A. John Fogerty
B. Paul McCartney
C. Paul Simon
D. Art Garfunkel

3. This former Austin City Councilman politician, signature quirky facial hair wearer and South Austin flower store owner made the Austin, Texas natural environment a political priority.

A. Daryl Slusher
B. Bruce Todd
C. Will Wynn
D. Max Nofziger

4. This FAMOUS and nationwide Real Estate & Lender professional COACH is known for his upbeat, throw everything at the wall, keep working, positive approach. GVM attended his Barton Springs Road Conference in Austin, Texas.

A. Joe Stumpf
B. Brian Buffini
C. Tom Ferry
D. Tony Robbins

5. This outgoing, thoughtful former USA Congressman from El Paso Texas, has been the Top getting Democract Vote-getter in the state of Texas recently.

A. Steve Adler
B. Kirk Watson
C. Beto O'Rourke
D. Mike Collier

6. This old photo, taken during a Tarrytown West Austin July 4th Parade included, my Dad, brother Willy McGee and sister Emily McGee. Who is the silver haired, now deceased former Governor of Texas? 

A. Barbara Jordan
B. Ann Richards
C. Wendy Davis
D. Lady Bird Johnson

7. This increasingly FAMOUS PLACE and TOURIST destination is located in Central Texas. Most known for its furniture, home d├ęcor, residential style and Magnolia Founding, TV show fixer upper Famous Creators; the SILOS are located in this affordable Central Texas city/town.

A. Lockhart 
B. Fredericksburg
C. Waco
D San Antonio

8. This deceased Austin, Texas famous musician is known for his meandering, frantic blues-filled rocking guitar solos, live concert talent, hard drinking, and strongly-lived lifestyle. His statue is also located on the Hike and Bike Trail overlooking, Downtown Austin Texas

A. Jake Andrews
B. Stevie Ray Vaughn
C. Jimmie Ray Vaughn
D. Guy Clark

9. George Vance McGee merrily ran into this 1990's decade FAMOUS Rock N Band's lead FRONT MAN and singer at this year's Austin City Limits Music Festival grounds in fall of 2021. 

A. Gin Blossoms
B. The Police
C. Counting Crows
D. Better Than Ezra

10. This USA and nationally FAMOUS Writer, Chef, Humanitarian, TV Show Vagabond and authentic human is now deceased. He is one of George Vance McGee's favorite book Authors; Kitchen Confidential & a Cook's Tour.

A.  Emeril
B. Gordan Ramsey
C. Anthony Bourdain
D. Tyson Cole

11. This TOURIST friendly island ranch is where countless HOLLYWOOD FILMS and MOVIES are regularly shot.   Broker GVM & his wife Sheila L. Fish went to this USA state for their Honeymoon.

A. Alaska
B. Florida
C. Hawaii
D. Maine


12. This currently playing Country Musician, is also the son of a Famous late-Texas Musician. In addition, this friendly fellow played on the same Austin High  School District winning and Westlake defeating basketball team in the year 1999 as fellow Baller/Broker GVM.  This easy going friendly man pictured in action above; previously played semi-pro basketball himself in Europe and stands 6'4. 

A. Jerry Jeff Walker
B. Django Walker
C. Owen Temple
D. Cory Morrow

13. This photo taken by GVM at this year's Dell Match Play Professional Golf Event @ the Austin Country Club features these 2 Pro's.

A. Justin Thomas and Rory McIlroy
B. Jordan Spieth and Justin Leonard
C. Patrick Reed and the "Kiz"
D. Justin Thomas & the "Kiz"

14. This former NBA player and NBA Slam Dunk Contest Champion currently works for the San Antonio Spurs and enjoys visiting Austin, Texas to listen to Live Music. His basketball legacy father was Famous for his high percentage underhand "granny" free throw shooting technique.

A. Rick Barry
B. Brent Barry
C. Drew Barry
D. Billy Barry

15. This older photo taken in the "Aughts" 2000-2004 range is @ the CAMP DAVID Presidential Retreat where, Broker GVM at age 20 was attending a weekend birthday celebration for this man's Twin Daughters.

A. Ronald Reagan 
B. George H. Bush
C. George W. Bush
D. Tony Blair 

16. This FAMOUS GEYSER and USA National Park, showcases "Ol Faithful". This is close to where Real Estate Broker George Vance McGee and his wife Sheila L. Fish got engaged to be married. What is the exact NAME of this FAMOUS NATIONAL PARK?

A. Zion National Park
B. Grand Canyon National Park
C. Lake Tahoe
D. Yellowstone National Park

17. the VOICE of College Football Prime-time Saturday for the FOX Network. GVM pleasantly met this man, one Friday evening in the Lobby of the HILTON Hotel in Downtown Austin, Texas.

A. Keith Jackson
B. Marc Jones
C. Gus Johnson
D. Joel Klatt

18. This World Famous Music DJ, owns and lives at least part-time in Bastrop, Texas. Seen here with GVM @ the White Tiger Bar on SoCo.

A. DJ Khaled
B. David Guetta
C. Paul Oakenfold
D. Avicci 

19. GVM got to briefly chat and converse with this former Austin, Texas, Houston Texas and Miami Florida POLICE CHIEF, during a Sunday Lunch visit to Maudie's Tex-Mex on Lake Austin Blvd.

A. Art Acapulco
B. Art Avocado
C. Art Almanza
D. Art Acevedo

20. Went to my nephew Brooks McGee’s youth basketball game in Westlake, and met this former University of Missouri Tigers Head Coach, former Duke Coach K Assistant, former NBA Coach of the Utah Jazz and current NBA coach of the Atlanta Hawks. This Coach said my brother/ youth basketball coach Johnny McGee was “doing a great job this season.” High praise from an NBA level coach.

A. J.J. Redick
B. Jay Bilas 
C. Quin Snyder
D. Danny Ferry
E. Steve Wojciechowski

21. This long time Lead Singer / Frontman of Austin based indie Rock band SPOON, was just hanging and catching some LIVE MUSIC shows during #free week in the Red River Cultural District. 

A. Eric Burton
B. Alejandro Rose Garcia
C.  James Petralli
D. Brit Daniel 

22. This Famous Austin Chef's first big hit Restaurant on South Lamar, UCHI, is turning 20 years old this year. It is still fabulous, yummy, non-pretentious, and lightly delicious.

A. Aaron Franklin
B.  Kevin Fink
C. Tyson Cole
D. Philip Speer

23. I Bicycled past and quickly got to meet the creator of “King of the Hill,” “Beavis and Butthead”, "Silicon Valley" and the movies “Office Space”, "Idiocracy"

  An Austin Texas entertainment legend.  @ Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail.

A. Seth MacFarlane
B.  Jason Batemen
C. Richard Linklater
D. Mike Judge

24. Although I didn't get a photo, I recently walked  past this "BOYHOOD" successful actor one evening walking on SoCo in the ATX "Before Sunset".  He was previously married to actress Uma Thurman.

A. Chris Pine
B. Cillian Murphy
C. Ethan Hawke
D. Taron Egerton

25. This Thirty-something 5"10, 5"11 in height Actor was spotted just lounging at Barton Springs pool, one sunny Sunday afternoon. His famous move star father had a quote, "Well do you feel lucky punk, do ya?"

A. Robert Downey Junior
B. Chris Pratt
C. Scott Eastwood
D. Rob Lowe

26. This rising young country music star, I bumped into randomly in the 5 Points neighborhood located in east Nashville, Tennessee

A. Thomas Rhett
B. Luke Bryan
C. Dirks Bentley
D. Eric Church

27. This current Austin, Texas resident and family man is a former NFL Tight end player for the Kansas City Chiefs & Atlanta Falcons and a Football Hall of Fame

A. Jay Novacek
B. Tony Gonzalez
C. Rob Gonkowski
D. Antonio Gates


Quiz Answers 1. B. 2. C. 3. D. 4. C 5. C. 6. B. 7. C. 8. B. 9. D. 10. C. 11. C. 12. B. 13. D. 14. D. 14. B. 15. C 16. D. 17. C. 18. C. 19. D. 20. C. 21. D. 22. C. 23. D. 24. C. 25. C. 26. A. 27. B.