The Next Level Austin, Texas QUIZ. 10 Unique Questions

 1. When is it legal and acceptable to swim in Town Lake Austin, aka Lady Bird Town Lake

A. If its sunny outside and you are drunk, sure

B. If it's before 12 noon, then it's legal

C. If you don't see any SUP boarders in the way, river snakes, or trash

D. It is illegal to swim in Austin's Town Lake.

2. Located at 1601 Barton Springs Road, currently the KAVA Bar, was previously commercially inhabited by what local business?

A. The Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz Place

B. The Singer Songwriter's Loft

C. Flipnotics 

D. DayNight Coffee and Bakery

3. Stevie Ray Vaughn Austin's Legendary Blues Guitarist Died...

A. In a Boeing Max 737 Jet over the Philippines

B. In a Helicopter Crash in Wisconsin

C. From Alcoholism on Dirty Sixth street

D. From a Heart Attack during an Epic Guitar Solo at the Continental Club SOCO.

4. The 1989-90 Texas Men's Basketball Elite 8 Tourney Backcourt of B.M.W coached by the Running Tom Penders stood for?

A. Books, Movement, Winning

B. Blanks, Mays, Wright

C. Bank Shots, Money, Willpower

D. Billy, Marvin & Watford

5. The Spring-time Austin EEYORE'S yearly festival held at Pease Park

A. Is Family Friendly

B. Often has Artsy, Hippie Girls wearing Pasties

C. Has an Egg Toss, Potato Sack Race and Maypole Social Games and Events

D. It's patrons are usually in an altered state of mind

E. All of the Above.

6. Austin's Zoning and Development McMansion Ordinance was created to;

A. Compete with McDonalds for more business

B. An Attempt to Limit Oversized New Construction on City of Austin Lots

C. Was Passed in 2008

D. Was Passed in 2004

E. Is still Valid Today

F. Was Passed in 2006

G. B. E. & F. 

7. Which of these Live Music Venues is still functional and operational in the year of 2021

A. Liberty Lunch

B. La Zona Rosa

C. Saxon Pub

D. Austin Music Hall

8. The Best Local Austin Music Band Artist is/was

A. Spoon

B. The Black Pumas

C. Fastball 

D. Ben Kweller

E. Butthole Surfers

F. Gary Clark Jr. 

G. Shawn Colvin

H. Willy McGee

I. Jim Campo & the Magic Rockers of Texas

J.  No Wrongs Answers, Austin currently has and has had some wonderful homegrown live music acts over the decades

9. Which of these is your most favorite Austin Local Politician?

A. Kirk Watson

B. Daryl  Slusher

C. Will Wynn

D. Steve Adler

E. Lee Leffingwell

F. Max Nofziger

G. Kathie Tovo

H. Leslie Pool

10.  Austin Texas's favorite local son George Vance McGee, a  licensed working current Real Estate Broker with the Austin Silent Market...

A. Was a 3 year University of Texas Lacrosse Club Athlete

B. Was a former in-store Retail Manager and Fashion Model in NYC, for Abercrombie & Fitch's Flagship Downtown Store

C. Is engaged to be married to Ms. Sheila Liu Fish a wonderful, new-ish Austinite and transplant from Zalma, Missouri.

D. Would welcome your unique Austin, Texas Real Estate questions, showing request or property inquiry

E. All of the Above.

Answers to the Next Level, Austin, TX Quiz
1. D. 2. C. 3. B. 4. B. 5. E. 6. G. 7. C. 8. J. 9. A. I'd vote Kirk Watson, but hey, what do you think? 10. E. 


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