Keep Fighting | By Brad Stuver | Austin FC's Goalie

 Keep Fighting | By Brad Stuver | Austin FC's Goalie


Dear Austin,

From the first moment we stepped foot in Austin, we heard your voices.

We felt your energy.

We embraced your passion.

As players, every single time we step on the field, we look into the stands and see you cheering us on. 360 degrees of Verde and Black, singing from the top of your lungs, smiles on your faces and beer raining down from under the bright lights.

Y’all have made Q2 Stadium a beacon of what supporting a club should look like. A shining light in a community that grows bigger by the day. Your energy is contagious. You’re talked about by every opposing team that has come to play here in Austin. We hear it from other players all the time. The world has taken notice.

Although results on the field have not been where we’d like them to be, we cannot put into words how grateful we are knowing we have your support. Every time we put on the Austin FC crest, we know that we are playing for all of you. We know that we represent more than just the name on the back of the jersey, we represent the crest displayed on our chest. The same one you wear on yours.

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We will continue to work, continue to grow, and continue to improve to make y’all proud and to make the results worthy of your unwavering support. With nine games left in the season, we are not in the position that all of us had hoped but that does not mean we are in the position that we will finish. That is the beauty of this game. Regardless of what we have gone through this year, there is always another match, another opportunity on the horizon.

Our goal now is to push in this last stretch of games and prove to everyone what we are capable of. Together, we will accomplish anything we set our minds to. Together, we can make the next nine games a true reflection of not just who we are as individuals, but more importantly, who we are as a club.