What are Austin Silent Market clients saying about their real estate experience with us?



“Despite the hectic market for both renters and buyers, George Vance McGee helped us secure a great rental in a great location with exactly what we were looking for. George was very reliable and communicative throughout the process. We will be gladly recommending him to ALL of our friends and will contact him for any of our future needs. Thank you, GVM! We appreciate it! Emily & Yazz

“George  Vance ,Just a quick note to say thank you for your work selling my property. You were attentive and responsive throughout the entire process. Do not hesitate to offer me as a reference should you desire. I wish you the best and success in the future. Take care buddy and keep me posted.” Larry Halford, Clarksville West Austin Silent Market Home Seller & Road Trip Adventure Man Extraordinaire 

“In a real estate transaction there are many players. Mostly the buyer the seller. Sellers feel like they sold for to little, buyers feel they paid to much. So there is always anxiety . On top of that buyers/sellers bring in their psychology. Probably dysfunctional to some degree. Like a deal blows up not on the big item but it’s the small stuff that can sink a deal. 

What this transaction doesn’t need is the  psychology of the realtors  to negatively impact a deal. They’re there to smooth out any kinks . 

In a transaction there is almost a requirement for both parties to give a little to keep  the sale on track. I felt that George asked me to compromise. Because George also agreed  to compromise it made it more agreeable for me to let go of something. So George did an excellent job of not bringing his own issues to the sale and doing what needed to happen.  ” Raymond Zaplatar


“Hello Austin Silent Market Clients.  We are writing to enthusiastically recommend George Vance McGee as either a Buyer’s Agent, Seller’s Agent, or Leasing Agent.  We are Dominic and Margaret of El Paso, Texas.  We are physicians and real estate investors.  We have four lovely daughters, and our oldest daughter just graduated from UT and encouraged us to turn our real estate investing sights on the Austin market.  Thank goodness we found George Vance McGee! Due to his 1) diligence 2) incredible work ethic and 3) extensive knowledge of real estate transactions and negotiations, we were able to purchase an adorable bungalow in Clarksville as an investment property.  In addition, he was able to find a renter within 3 days of purchase!  In our 24 years of real estate investing we have worked with many many agents/brokers all across the intermountain west and we have not worked with a more diligent, enjoyable and knowledgeable professional than George Vance McGee!  Signed, Dominic Gross, Margaret Jones, Sydney, Reese, Zoey and Charley Jones”

Click here to view a clip of Stephanie Bradley Client Video Testimonial for Agent Willy McGee

“Just closed on this gorgeous new build in Deep Eddy listed at $1.74M. Did a monthlong deep dive search at the end of last year looking high & low for contemporary/modern in 78704/78703. Low inventory, timing and competition gave us a good fight but we overcame! Finally got a line on this one, which we kept coming back to. It took some time to finish-up but the house survived the freeze and we are good to go! Thx to the builder, Great Austin Builder (GAB) for being good to work with and for fellow agent George Vance McGee & Austin Silent Market Realty for the “Silent Market- Off Market” heads-up about the house. Brian Talley Broker

“Hi George Vance,

We just received the lease, and just this moment submitted our first payment! 

Thank you for all of your hard work and helping us to rent our dream home in Austin!

Our very best,

Dana and Murat 

“George McGee, principal of Austin Silent Market, helped me sell my home in central Austin and I am extremely satisfied with his services. I had attempted to sell the house myself for about one month, and had just about decided that I was going to need the assistance of a realtor. I’d been approached by a number of agents about listing with them, but I was not impressed. One, in fact, suggested my listing price was too high and claimed I should list it for $40,000 less than the actual final sales price. George was not pushy, was a good listener, and made an offer for a three week listing that was too good for me to refuse. I immediately was impressed with his out-of-the-box thinking and his energetic marketing approach. He ultimately found the buyer and, in addition, helped negotiate a back up contract. He was helpful in having me consider options for a sale I had not contemplated, again showing a creativity that led to a successful transaction. George showed himself to be professional without being stodgy, honest, enthusiastic and he displayed a sense of humor that was helpful when negotiations were strained. All in all, I’m very appreciative of George’s help and would highly recommend him and Austin Silent Market to any prospective buyer or seller. ” Rosemary C. Golden, Colorado.

Thanks, George, you’re the best.  By the Way, George Vance Is doing a splendid job!


Allison Supancic

“The Austin Silent Market completed a rare “triple double”.  Rumored as a unicorn real estate possibility, the McGee family proved it’s genuine and not some sort of elusive White Rhino.

George’s West Austin listing for a client was snapped up by the Leonards.  Simultaneously, they worked to sell their home.  As things helped, they helped source financing for their new home to be remodeled, and in the process contracted the lease on a cherished temporary spot while the new purchase gets a face lift.  Whew.  A triple double. “

KEN Leonard, Mozart’s Owner.

Austin Silent Market asks, “Got any 2020 Austin Real Estate Tips?” 

Austin Silent Market previous client David Buttross responds, “Buy Low, Sell High. I’m currently just selling.”  David Buttross is a long-time Austinite, experienced Real Estate Investor & also the Book Author of Long Term Greedy. How doing the  right thing, the right way, pays off in the Long Run.

“George Vance McGee is just about the hardest working real estate agent you’re going to find, and EVERYTHING that you need an agent for…selling or leasing. A real blessing.”

—-Darrell Lehmann

“I’ve worked with ASM’s George Vance McGee Actively in leasing my house in Barton Hills, Zilker, and Silently in selling my Castle Hill property. He’s a million dollar agent! GVM’s diligent and continuous work made both deals successful, on my owner preferred terms. Plus, I’d rather be at the Texas Coast anyway. Richard Craig Todd

“We really enjoyed working with George Sears and his crew. They were very fair and honest throughout the entire process. Austin Silent Market is extremely knowledgeable of the real estate market. They are fun to work with and carry a positive attitude and outlook towards the house-hunting process and life in general.” Chris & Jennifer Schmeil

“George’s knowledge and skills during the whole process, specifically during the little tug of war, soon after the property inspection, were what I enjoyed the best. Nothing negative comes to mind. ” George Vance McGee got our Westlake Rental property under contract for over full price, buyer sight unseen. David Yatim.

“The friendliness of the Austin Silent Market staff. George Sears’s ability to let us know the right price to pay & to provide options or alternatives when we hit roadblocks. I enjoyed his patience in working with us.” Bonnie Barton.

What convinced you to work with the Austin Silent Market team? A referral.  What part of the real estate experience did you find the most challenging? Dealing with the sellers. What was your overall experience with the Austin Silent Market? Positive.

—–Sheila Foster

“Everybody at Austin Silent Market is helpful and concerned. Our kids all went to school together. He found our house on Hartford Road in Old Enfield out of the blue! George Sears McGee is  fun loving, easy going, patient and has a great personality.” Chad Huston

“What convinced me to work with George Sears McGee & the Austin Silent Market? Their personality, the interaction, plus their knowledge of the  real estate marketplace.” Dr. Thomas Fletcher

“George Sears McGee is a nut, but a like-able nut. Also he helped me get the price I wanted for my house.” What was your favorite part about the  Austin Silent Market selling experience? ” Answer = the Check, the Check, the Check.

Robin & Jan Dunston

“George, we’re pals for life. Would I recommend your services? Absolutely, you guys are great. ” Richard Runde

“You guys rock. I can see your systems work. My favorite part of the real estate experience was the closing table. It was cool the way George tried to whisk me out of there.” Matt Reading.

“You’re NOT a pest. You don’t bug people too much, and you’ve always got a smile on your face.” Dinny Peterson

“Our favorite experience was selling the house. I had a 100 percent positive experience when I was the buyer. ” George Vance McGee even helped us buy a home for our daughter. David & Rene Rogers.

“That George Sears and Austin Silent Market listened. They priced our home where we wanted it. We got what we wanted. I loved the experience. We’d do it again. Thanks guys, y’all are always available somehow.”  Sybil & Hans Haydon

“Great! He tells it like it is. He goes to bat for me. I feel confident in his ability to get the job done. He’s not just my agent, we’ve water skied together. We converse about real life. George Sears is honest.” Dr. Sandy Garcia.

“The best part of my Austin Silent Market Real Estate experience was working with dedicated professionals who cut through the red-tape crap. Yes, we do recommend Austin Silent Market.” Don Shafer

“I sincerely felt that George Sears was completely on my side, taking up for me, and my interests. George is an expert in the field of Real Estate.”  Ron & Joan McBryde

“The “Silent Market” strategy was an excellent way to get an advantage.” Joel & Anitra Richardson.


“Positive, Entertaining. We felt George’s presence as being “on the court” for us, willing to create alternatives, allow us to make decisions based on all of the possible options he could prepare.” Dr. Alan &  Amy Beth Hopkins


“I know George Sears McGee. Everybody we know has worked with him. He’s like family or something.’  Karyl Krug


CLICK HERE FOR a private YOU-TUBE VIDEO with  AUDIO clip TESTIMONIAL. Richard & Marianne successfully sold, closed, funded and even got to LEASE BACK their excellent 3 bedroom ROSEDALE neighborhood Home and Property. All via the “Silent Market” selling system method. Their home was NEVER on the Active MLS

“George Vance was absolutely amazing in helping us find a house in East Austin while still living in NYC. He was patient, creative, and thorough. He sent us tons of information and helped us find a great place across three visits to Austin and seeing dozens of properties. He was always up for the adventure with a positive attitude, even after being stormed by a pit bull at one property. He helped make this a very easy process.” – Hillary Savage


“I found my Austin Real estate experience to be painless because of George Sears McGee. I can’t imagine I would have been able to achieve the same level of satisfaction with anyone else in Austin. ” Jason Siegal

“George Sears McGee was informative about the real estate experience without being pushy. He made us feel comfortable about listing the house. Plus his good sense of Humor.” Richard & Linda McConnell

“I’ve known George Vance for several years as a Realtor for Austin Silent Market. He always maintains a positive, professional demeanor and has a keen ability to find off-market properties. George uses that hustle and resourcefulness to help his clients secure the right property. We were able to purchase an off-market property in central Austin through George’s ability to negotiate a not so ordinary purchase agreement on my behalf that allowed us to build our next project for which I was very thankful. –  Mike Paclik Jr. MPAC Development”

” George Vance helped me find the perfect place and do so quickly. I’d dealt with other agents: some were bad, some were good, George was the best. Also, his life-long ties to Austin renders his knowledge of neighborhoods and ability to locate the right property for his clients totally next level” —Colin Laitner

“George Vance comes with my highest recommendation. I admire him for his creative work and his willingness to “give first”. It’s rare that you come across a standout talent like George.” —–Respectfully Ann Jones

“George  Sears McGee Realtors and Company, make it FUN, & “If it AIN’T fun, it ain’t worth doing. You can quote me on that.” Kathryn and Brady Edwards.


ASM Question. What convinced you to work with the Austin Silent Market team? Answer from Dr. Philip Gough, Friendship and Admiration.


ASM Question, What convinced you to work with George and the Austin Silent Market? Answer from Todd Reimers, “I stumbled upon you guys while looking around and liked your low-pressure style. 

ASM Question, What are 3 specific situations that stand out most in your mind?” Jasen Trautwein (Also GVM’s excellent Univ. of Texas Lacrosse Club Coach and inducted UT Lacrosse Hall of Famer) 1. Making an Offer 2. George Sears’s Negotiation, 3. Obtaining Financing, I learned a lot. Overall it was a good experience, with a friendly team.

“Their ability  to “Get  to the Point” and Avoid the B.S.  It was a fantastic experience,  we can’t wait to move again!” Joseph and Laura Lee Kozusko


“The Whole Austin Silent Market Crew went WAY beyond the Call of Duty, coordinating the Sale over the busy Holiday Season. While we were away no less, in Europe!”  Mike Rosenthal

“His “Take-Charge” Approach, combined with a willingness to adjust to the client’s needs and desires.” Mary Baker

“The Austin Silent Market doesn’t leave a Stone Unturned.” Bob Anderson

“There was never a dull moment. Who else would work with me? It took 2 years! Kathy Peele & Cary Peele

“Because you can trust him. Austin Silent Market has a beeline to the market. He knows what is available.” Chris Ameel

“Speed. Everything went Smooth. Seems to know the Market with Honesty. He worked in my Favor.” Miguel A. Rivera Agosto, Architect.


“George Sears listened to us, understood what we needed and pulled off a coup. It remained fun and exciting all the while. It was a completely positive and upbeat experience. We enjoy the Newsletter, as it conveyed a different approach: open, creative, not stodgy or staid. ” Gary and Mary Jane Mansford.

“We enjoyed the one-on-one interaction with  the Austin Silent Market Staff.” Rebecca Buratti & Josh Cappello

“We Won! We were elated! It was a tough real estate battle & George Sears hung in there for us. We liked George Sears honesty the best. He told us the real truth, about our house and how it fit in with the market.” John & Kerri  Ann Chambless