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A Full Weekend in Lockhart, Texas

6.21.2021 written and lived by George Vance McGee

 This past weekend my fiancé and I rented a fantastic newish CARRIAGE HOUSE AirBnb Rental in the small town of Lockhart. The Carriage House AirBnb Rental was $600 for 2 nights. Lockhart, Texas is a just a quick 15-20 minute SH130 Toll Road drive from East Austin, Texas. Lockhart Texas is walkable and has a long history of being a cattle, ranching, and farming community and area. 

Lockhart's Central Town Square has numerous Historic Buildings dating back to the 1900's.

Perhaps the most well known or famous Movie filmed with Lockhart, Texas as its setting was, "What's Eating Gilbert Grape." with a young actor who ended up having an Oscar worthy career, Leonarado DiCaprio. I haven't see it yet, have you?

 On Friday evening we attended a public Town Square Live Music gathering event. It was friendly and fun! One local I talked to whom proclaimed he owned a nearby pharmacy stated, "Lockhart is roughly 70 percent Latino or Hispanic in Demographics."

 Lockhart Texas is also well known and famous as perhaps the Bar B Que Capital of Texas and maybe the world? Also word on the street is that Lockhart is known for its Artists Residents and artist welcoming community. 

My fiancé's friends purchased an excellent 3/2 2 Living area, 2 car real garage, turn key home, on a good sized residential lot for around 300K. I guessed 350K? They said nope, our House was 300K. Saturday night we attended a Curry Boys Foodie Event. The food, host, people, cold beer and event space was wonderful. There was even a pool I got to tandem jump in and cool off in. The sweating section on the back of my neck was relieved. Saturday night our last nightlife venture was to meander downstairs to cool bar and cocktail lounge, eatery called, "Little Trouble." 

With the residential housing costs in Austin Texas soaring and becoming unobtainable for affordable buyers, consumers are starting to think outside the box and even the city of Austin, in regards to finding affordable quality housing with-in reach or commutable distance of Austin and Central Texas. It's possible some residents simply prefer to skip and avoid Austin, Texas entirely.

As an ABOR paying member and Realtor, I was able to preview 2 homes in Lockhart, this past weekend, and each had an Active MLS asking price around 250K and 285K. 

Overall I had an enjoyable time, and even be-friended the local coffee  shop owner, @Chaparal Coffee and if you know me well, then be-friending coffee caffeine dealers is always a bonus!

Got any questions about Lockhart Texas Real Estate? Austin, Texas Real Estate? Central Texas Real Estate? Contact George Vance McGee Broker Associate, Austin Silent Market 512.657.9281


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