E Property Watch, It's free for you! Let GVM Broker Associate help set you up on your first property.



E-Property Watch

It's free for my property owners, clients  and friends! Let me get you signed up. Just email me the exact physical address of the owned property you want monitored. Just 1 "CMA-esque" email per month. Plus you can add as many properties as you want. Add your primary home, add your rental property, add them all.

I've personally got 3 properties monitored by E Property Watch. 2 I co-own and 1 of my dad's rentals.

GVM Broker Associate 512.657.9281 georgevance@gmail.com

Call, Email or Text GVM the property address you want E Property Watched @ 512.657.9281 georgevance@gmail.com

E Property Watch is awesome. You'll enjoy this valuable information about the properties you own.  Just call or email GVM @ 512.657.9281 georgevance@gmail.com click here for more info on E Property Watch