What if Today's Austin, Texas were the good ol' days?

---written by George Vance McGee 1.28.2021

Disclaimer. The current Covid-19 pandemic in general has been a discouraging time period to be a human. Trying to make ends-meet and have a joyful life has been easier and more challenging for some. The Pandemic has sucked, in my opinion. Too Much Death, Medical Workers over-worked and more. I understand and can empathize with the emotional and physical pain society and the public has undergone during this almost 1 full year time period. 

Yet, this will be my attempt at positivity and the "glass is half full mantra." Let's go...

As of Late January in 2021, Austin Texas has little to non-existing traffic. This growing metropolis, was experiencing massive Los Angeles style traffic jams, rush hours, and arduous evening commutes. Car Road Traffic in Austin, Texas had gotten so slow and packed, one did not even attempt to drive, visit friends or run errands from say 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm. I recall conversing with a FreshPlus Clarksville Counter clerk one afternoon while he was taking an afternoon nap in his car. He informed me, he preferred to wait out the traffic jam times, so in his words, once commenced he could "cruise" and "glide" back home. This grocery store counter clerk's take was an anti-bumper to bumper sentiment.

This once bustling and energetic city, as I venture about through Central Austin appears lethargic and dead. There are very few people going commercial store shopping, or simply being out and about in general. One could perceive Austin's human capital nothingness, and depravation of nightlife as being quiet and peaceful. I have been informed that back in previous decades, Austin, Texas was known as a government driven, hippie, slow college lifestyle town. The Covid pandemic has returned Austin's previous peaceful, quiet and calm era. 

Today's good ol' Austin days are an introverts dream atmosphere! My deceased and wonderful angelic Mother was an introvert. Have you ever thought about writing a book, starting a podcast, or creating a new indoor artistic or entrepreneurial endeavor? Now is that time! With your friend's live music invitation temptations dried up, coupled with your non-hungover clear headedness, now is the time of solo creativity. Make it happen folks! 

Austin's nature and spacious outdoor scene has taken center stage. One of the pandemic's approved human activity's has  been the fresh aired embrace of nature, outdoor exercise, the hill country and the hike  and bike trails. Whereas previously, Downtown Austin was usurping all of Austin, Texas's human energy with bars, hi-rises, overpriced downtown condos and expensive commercial offices, downtown ATX during the pandemic has been ghostly. On top of the pandemic; Austin's tent city homeless problems lingering everywhere has DT going backwards. Downtown's Pain equals Nature's gain. Austin Texas's nature and outdoor parks have increased popularity and prominence. I personally love the Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail. The Loop from East Austin's Longhorn Bridge to Deep Eddy is always crisp, airy, invigorating and enjoyable. If 10 miles is too long of an exercise adventure, may I suggest the free and open to the public East Central Austin Mueller Trails. The Mueller outdoor exercise trail is much shorter in mileage distance, yet the amiable development is a diverse, calm and welcomingly mixed community.

Now is the time to SAVE money. With all the nightlife, live music, ACL and SxSw Festivals essentially shut down, what would you spend your money on anyway? Now is an ideal time to save money, as the "Fun" budget could now be placed to different uses? Yes, with nowhere to really go and people to impress, it's time to save your money. 

With  nostalgia in Austin specifically, everybody always attempts to glorify and yearn for yesterday. I understand history and am intrigued by nostalgia, but let's remember your heart is working, beating and breathing right now, as you read this. Embrace the now, enjoy the now, do or do not do something now. Stay positive folks, because I swear, once society is vaccinated and the world opens back up, car traffic, live shows, and packed sports events return people will be saying, "remember how quiet, enjoyable and socially distanced the Covid-Pandemic was?" & "People weren't all up in my space."

--About the Article Writer; George Vance McGee is a full time Real Estate Broker Associate with the Austin Silent Marker Real Estate Company. He works On & Off Market Sales, Leasing and Lot In-Fill New Builds and Development. His phone number is 512.657.9281 and email is georgevance@gmail.com He is also the indie published Book Author of 3 titles, "Open Mindful, Philosophy on the Fly," "Attractive Tales from Grand Cities, a Social Memoir." & most recently, "The Nation We Live In, a Collection of Essays and Short Stories." All 3 titles are for Sale on shelves at BookPeople ATX.