Bert's Bar B Que, West Campus 24th st. Location Closed Permanently

Bert's  Bar B Que, West Campus 24th st. Location Closed Permanently. According to Kid @ the Northwest Hills Location on Far West, which is still alive, open and running, Gary really retired. Gary's commercial lease ended @ the 24th street location. He's now retired and already moved to Weatherford, Texas.

I GVM, have fond memories of Bert's Bar B Que. The MLK location was the high school Friday lunch game-day spot. It was a West Austin Bar B Que classic, and University of Texas  student and alumni fan sanctuary.

In the past, I personally worked and happily catered for Gary's Crew and Bert's Bar Que a couple times. Tom was a friendly worker, character and made an excellent T-Man. 
I got this memory email from my Aunt about Bert's Barbque, Porge We all went there for lunch too!
When AHS was on rio grande and berts on 19th. 
I never ordered tho. Never had any 💲
and gg made my lunch.   Hahahaaaaa

 Aunt Dinny