Introducing CANOPY, the New Hilton Owned Boutique Hotel on West 6th street.

So on my bicycle ride home to East Austin this afternoon, I stopped in to marvel, and scope out this brand new 140+/- room Hotel, sitting on West 6th street. It's called CANOPY. According to the front desk employees, the Hotel is technically owned by Hilton, yet Canopy is a boutique brand underneath the Hilton corporation. I said, "well anything is better than Trump," so onward I went.

Visually the Hotel is quite beautiful, sleek, new-age and impressive. The pool and pool bar is located up some outdoor stairs on the second level. There are a few cabanas nearby the pool and also lounging chairs. The Downtown High-Rise views are excellent! In general the Hotel is very glassy and transparent. It's the kind of Hotel that is rightfully deserving and fits in perfectly for the West 6th Scene. If you enjoy West 6th, you'll love Hotel Canopy's vibe. I can see the Canopy Hotel and West 6th street in Downtown Austin being instant friends.

As of 7.19.2020 the Front Desk quoted me nightly room rates for the basic KING-size bed of $180 a night for Tuesday, Wednesday & up to $220 a night for the weekends.

The Downstairs level contains the Hotel Lobby area, yet the West 6th frontage is a glassy, transparent Restaurant, Bar and Eatery. 

On the day I went, the upstairs pool had a healthy amount of folks, along with the West 6th street frontage  Bar and Lounge. Currently the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. I asked, "Do y'all serve  breakfast?" The helpful employees said, "not yet."

I had previously watched for a couple years as this space and hotel was developed. It used to be a lounge / bar space, of little remembrance or significance. In this specific location, I can say the West 6th CANOPY Hotel is a welcoming improvement. If not for these shitty Covid-19 times. (All the Bars are closed. Every Single Damn West 6th Bar is currently closed) this Hotel would be raking $$ in the dough and patrons. 

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