Yes, Real Estate Agents Costs $$

So George Vance  and Austin Silent Market, what are your fees? What commissions do you charge? What are your rates?

These are very valid consumer questions, when visiting with licensed real estate agents and brokers. In Texas, and I'll bold this, there are NO set commission rates. ALL Real Estate Agents & Broker Commission Fees are NEGOTIABLE. Negotiation is part of the joy to real estate.

So moving back to my specific real estate practice within Austin Silent Market Inc, I'll try to shed some insight. No matter how I position this, it is important to know that YES, Real Estate Agents Costs money, one way or another.

Also it is important to note, in a real estate brokerage practice that each client scenario is different. Some Clients are tenant rep leasing  clients, some are lease listing clients, some deals are sale intermediary deals. There are leasing listing intermediary transactions. There are buyer' representation preferred only fsbo deals. There is ample variety in regards to potential real estate brokerage deal making!

Some properties and clients are easier to get to the successful finish line than others. Some neighborhoods and price points "Fly Off the Shelf." Some properties are more challenging and unique to convey the value and allure for, and thus more difficult to sell. Some clients value and enjoy professional relationships, along with their agent's time, energy and experienced insight. Some folks are just cost cutters, trying to keep all their pennies. 

Austin Silent Market is NOT a 1 size fits all brokerage. At Austin Silent Market we offer personalized service and one-on-one client face to face care and talk time. We are emotionally invested in our clients well-being, constantly on-call and not just in real estate, but thoughtful about our client's lives in general. At Austin Silent Market Realty, as a small local brokerage, we have the ability to tailor our brokerage services to each individual client's desired tastes and wants. 

Some larger property management and brokerage firms are "stuck" within their own system. They are NOT as nimble as

Here is an example of how Austin Silent Market generally tries to PRICE for Sale Properties, either Silent Market or Active MLS status. Austin Silent Market  and GVM generally position the sales price to seller's as what their TARGET NET goal at closing is. We call this NET pricing. For example, let's say a seller at the final closing table would hopefully care to NET, $500,000 (less unpaid property taxes) at closing and funding? Well, I GVM would then add 3.00% percent for an outside buyer's agent, 3.00% as a seller's  marketing, showing and contract advisory fee and finally the .06 or .1 percent for a seller's paid title policy. Thus the 500K NET would become an advertised price of $535,000.  There ya go folks, there's NET pricing in a nutshell.

Some listings are "OPEN" Listing and opportunities, some are Austin Silent Market Active MLS Exclusives, some are off-market Buyer's Agent representation only listings. Again, each deal and brokerage scenario is different. 

In regards to lease listings, depending on the size, price and location, I GVM personally offer my and our company's Active MLS Lease Listing Services for a 1 time charge of between 80.00%-100.00% of the tenants' first month's paid rent for a completed lease of 12 months or longer. This comes with absolute full Active MLS service, marketing, photos, advertising, yard signs, monitored lockbox, in person agent showings, tenant screening services, and lastly tenant rent and security deposit check collection. It's a bunch of work to do, actually.

If you are contemplating or about to DO SOMETHING, in the Austin, Texas Residential Real Estate Marketplace, contact me, George Vance McGee for an actual phone conversation, in person property visit, and more to discuss your ideal Austin, Texas Real Estate Situation. 

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