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GVM Successful Tenant Rep Work on Manor Road, in French Place, Cherrywood

GVM recently helped a repeat tenant and client LEASE, this LARGE  and NEWER 1 full Bedroom on Manor Road for 1 full year. It is a small, private condo building, with a Common Roof-deck and No Pets Allowed POOL! Square Footage of 887, with a view of the Pool and an Outdoor, Unit Balcony. 

This East Austin Manor Road Condo Complex is located near the French Place, Cherrywood, and Chestnut neighborhoods. It is walk-able to the Salty Sow, Thunderbird Coffee, Haymakers Bar, School House Pub, Hoover's, Amy's Ice Cream, El Chilito, Bird Bird Biscuit and more. 

According to ABOR MLS Records, the 1 bedroom Condo SOLD in December of 2019 for around $341,000. 

Are you a tenant looking for an MLS Privately owned property to LEASE, Live  and CALL Home? 

Yes, I, George Vance McGee still work tenant rep and can help you locate your next place, and perhaps negotiate better terms on your behalf! Do Contact me for properties 512.657.9281 iphone, Austin Silent Market Licensed, full time, Real Estate Agent


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