Urban MOTO. Austin & the SCOOTER way!

URBAN MOTO is the best! The pinnacle in the Central Austin Lifestyle, is that of a SCOOTER Owner. I just left a preview and TOUR of "Austin Moto". It is a full service scooter store on Hether street, in the Barton Hills neighborhood of Central South Austin.
Here are a few advantages and perks for being a SCOOTER Austin Lifestyle driver & owner.
1.Free and Easy Parking! The city does not ticket or charge for downtown or sticker parking, I was told. Check again for your self. It is the city of Austin's incentive to keep gas, and smog exhaust pollution low.
2. Low Gas Mileage. For your trip to the store, work, coffee shop, bank errand, etc. It is a simple, powerful and super fun experience! The wind and sun feels healthy and natural. Also you get to SKIP all of those annoying speed road bumps that mess up your car's alignment
3. It's an extremely cool, fun, and superb riding experience. Other cars still respect the SCOOTER motorist on the road. There is a mutual respect. Like skiers and snow-boaders both sharing the mountain.
4. In Texas there is an additional $230 dollar "Motorcycle" 2-3 day course you must take, to add to your existing Driver's License. Also the SCOOTER does require very MINIMAL insurance.
Go for it! I'll eventually become an Austin scooter owner, user, and happy driver.
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George Vance McGee
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