Howler Brothers & The Beer Plant Opening Soon in Clarksville, Tarrytown neighborhoods

HOWLER BROTHERS outdoor apparel, surf, and lifestyle brand is OPENING a new store on West Lynn in Central West Austin.
According to the Howler Brother's Website...
We are Howler Brothers. We are not really related by blood. But we are bonded by many shared callings: Surfing, fishing, paddling and the good things that come with these pursuits. Things like fire pits, really good tequila, limes, and pre-dawn coffee.
Above all we’re united by a belief in doing things the honest and pure way (which is not usually the easy way). We design and craft all our garments, and everything we make, with these passions and values in mind. Put our products to the test. Heed the call.
Their Story
Howler founders Chase Heard and Andy Stepanian spent their adolescent summers haunting the waters and fish of Florida and Virginia and riding the ripples those states call waves. Both Heard and Stepanian now live in Texas where they raise families, work hard, make music together, chase fish with fly rods and make runs to the nearest coast or river when the opportunity arises.
Their vision for Howler – and the name Howler Brothers – was inspired by a sound they each heard on surf trips to Costa Rica: the call of the loudest animal in North America, the Howler Monkey. If you’ve heard it, you know how loud and startling the sound can be. But, after hearing it a few times, the sound becomes a part of the collective feeling of being in Central America and serves as a constant reminder that you’re in a good place, doing something you love.
With this emotional connection as a base line, Heard and Stepanian formed Howler Brothers to craft limited run, high quality clothing and goods that draw inspiration from the style and tradition of surfing and coastal sports. They set out to make gear that works in the water, on the boat, and around the fire pit when the stories are told. Clothes you might wear when you’re hearing Howler Monkeys from your hut after a day well spent. Or clothes to wear when you’re wishing you were.
Our Products
Howler Brothers clothing designs honor the soul, passion and timeless style of sports such as surfing and fly fishing but update historic garment ideas with modern influence from waves, water, geography, fashion and art. Every garment and accessory is crafted with functionality and attention to detail at the forefront. We avoid trendy or overly traditional ideas and use small batch production and collaborations with artists and craftsmen to create original, alternative offerings. Our base of operations, Austin, Texas, is miles from the nearest ocean but provides daily inspiration with its vibrant and diverse creative culture.
THE BEER PLANT, Coming soon to the TARRYTOWN SHOPPING CENTER on Windsor & Exposition
Drink beer. Eat plants. Be Happy.
The Beer Plant is the first vegan gastropub, marrying craft beer, wine and cocktails with a 100% plant-based menu. Serving beautiful, decadent vegan dishes in a farmhouse pub atmosphere, The Beer Plant aims to create a new model for dining and drinking on the healthy side.
The menu, developed by Chef Lou Mustachio, features an eclectic mix of hearty, plant-based dishes, with a focus on fermentation, including house-made breads, pickled vegetables, and cultured vegan cheeses and butters.
With 40 taps, a curated wine program, and botanical cocktail list, The Beer Plant is a celebratory space for enjoying delicious drinks and food that all happen to be plant-based.
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